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Ms. Millie and Friends

Ms. Millie, the sassy so called senior that some call a motivational force, cordially invites you to join her quest to stay youthful and feel better, inside & out.

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Who is Ms. Millie?

[Updated 12/30/2011]

Who is Ms. Millie?

Ms. Millie is an active, vibrant, in-shape senior who enjoys life and all it has to offer. Ms. Millie enjoys volunteering with children and the elderly as they are the ones that need us the most. Ms. Millie loves to dance, travel, cook and enjoys dating when there is a special someone.

Here’s Ms. Millie in her own words …

How does one begin to describe who they are? Well, here’s a start.

When I looked in the mirror today, I saw a smiling, kind face with a twinkle in my brown eyes and a hint of blush -to give my cheeks some color.  Sometimes I am so serious trying to solve the worlds, my families, and my own problems.  Then there are the silly-fun, crazy times that leave me laughing for no reason at all.  I think one of my best attributes is the willingness to help someone by listening to their words and finding how I might be able to help – either by sharing my 75+ years of acquired wisdom, donating my time & effort to their cause or articles of clothing, maybe giving a token gift, or just a plain old nod of the head.

I think sometimes that because of my many years of experience raising children – being a single Mom and working full-time – that I have learned many shortcuts to make life less stressful and more productive for my family.  So I just love dishing out advice, and then I catch myself apologizing for not even asking if they were even interested in my ideas!  Most times I get a smile in return, and who knows? They just might take my two-cents and find it did help.

I began writing this blog in 2007.  In reading back on my posts, I find that I have personally grown & matured much since then.  I feel like I am a more open-minded and compassionate person in general.

While my tendency is still to be a loner at times, I still love dancing & socializing whenever I can.  Travel is very exciting to me!  I make lists of what I will wear and who I will see way ahead of time.  I have been on fourteen cruises to date!  I find that no matter the destination, cruising aboard a luxury liner on the high-seas is about the happiest of vacation times for me.   I love people watching! Dressing up and meeting all new people is exciting too.  I also find it fascinating to guess where someone is from and then learn about their culture and the origin of their names.

To paraphrase what people with my astrological sun sign are described as, it goes something like this:  I have itchy feet and am always in need of a change of pace.  I find it so true, as I  just don’t do well with the same old routine.

First and foremost though, I am a mother to three fine men.  Each one makes me proud in unique ways.  I am also hopefully a helpful Grand and Great-Grandmother.  I love life and love to be challenged to make things better. This is what my blog is about as I go through my days trying to make my mark, a positive mark, in my community of family, friends, and complete strangers.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and will join me with your comments and suggestions should you have something to say.

In the meantime, here’s wishing you a very Happy New Year 2012!  From my family and friends to yours — we wish you happiness, good health, and a joyous and prosperous year ahead.

~Ms. Millie

10 comments to “Who is Ms. Millie?”

  1. Audrey from Harmony Says:

    Hey Ms Millie,
    I enjoyed your web site and read all your post. You write wonderfully and will be a great journalist. You have a lot of depth and good beliefs. I’m happy to have met you. Reach for the stars. And keep exercising the mind and body.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    Thank you so much Audrey, my new friend and workout buddy for your kind words. I have enjoyed our lunches and “getting to know you chats” and look forward to a great friendship. Keep reading my blogs. Your input and comments are vital to my keeping inspired.

  3. Littlemite Says:

    Hi Ms Millie,

    I’m happy to see you live near me, for I live in the Tampa Bay Area, and I’m originally from New York too. Plus you enjoy good Entertainment just like I do, and I must compliment you on a great Blog Website! Keep up the good work, and I’ll look forward to knowing you better in the coming months! Shelby

  4. Littlemite Says:

    Hi Ms Millie,

    By the way, I love Dancing too, and have also traveled extensively, so it’s really like we could be sisters, but then again, sisters don’t always think alike, do they? Plus, I’m single too! Shelby

  5. Ms Millie Says:

    Hi Shelby- Nice to make your acquaintance. One never knows where we will find new friendships and here you are and from NY too! What a special find for us. I thank you for your kind words on my website and look forward to your comments as we get to know each other. MsMillie

  6. Michelle Says:

    Hello Mama Millie,
    You are always a bright light in my classes!! I love your sense of realism. I admire the footprints you walked in. I know you have much more to accomplish as a mother, friend and Grandmother as well. Keep smiling like you do!

    I will always keep a special place in my heart for you.
    Love Michelle (Your daughter)

  7. Willena Says:

    Wow… I am one of only 11 visitors from Canada! I like your blog, Millie… I found it through our mutual friend, Walk. I haven’t had much time for visiting blogs lately, but I hope I will be back to visit yours.


  8. Judy Says:

    Hello Ms. Millie!!!!
    This is Adorable!!!!You are such an inspiration to me!!!
    Thank -you for sending this to me.You are truly the most energetic, enthusiastic, in-shape, friendly, fun-loving senior I have ever met!!!! I count it a priviledge to know you and work out at the gym with you!!! You are Amazing…I only hope I am as agile as you are at your age…God Bless you, Millie!!!!
    Your work-out partner, Judy

  9. Ms Millie Says:

    Your kind words have given me a wonderful boost. Thank you for being a special person that “always wears a smile.” MsMillie

  10. Michelle Dumovich Says:

    Keep up the great attitude in class and in life!! I feel you have taught me life is worth living at any age!