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Jan '11

No Snow (Yet) in Florida

This by far has been a crazy weather week with every state having snow except for Florida, although Tallahassee reported they had icicles hanging from some of the roof tops.  I am beginning to think that normal weather patterns are over and that anything is possible.  There is a cliché about not being able to get away from death or taxes, and as a former New Yorker “you can’t fight City Hall” one might say.  Nary a one of us can guarantee a perfect weather forecast or season as we have come to know them in the past.  Typically, Florida has Summer and Fall and maybe a month of Spring-like temperatures and perhaps a week of cool, but never Winter type numbers.  Except for this year, it seems to have broken records and it is only fifteen days new.  The majority of Floridians including me are hoping that this was the end of the blasts of cold air.

When I moved to Florida in 1989, I vividly recall saying and also smiling that never again, would I need to don a winter jacket!  And so I packed it away for my few trips back up North.   Well, this past Thursday, I was undoing the nice vacuum-sealed bag holding my hot pink hooded down jacket as the thermometer read 34 freezing degrees.  I will admit that I have been shivering with the many, many layers of clothing on and I am thoroughly convinced that my blood has thinned out completely.

Now, I am stating that come the hot weather (soon I hope), Ms Millie is making a deal with herself about “no complaining about those hot humid days.”  After all, I can always cool off, and it is cheaper by far to run the air-conditioning than the heat.

So to all of you that are shoveling and house-bound and perhaps have no electric or heat, I applaud you for being able to endure and tolerate the cold.  Be safe and try to stay warm…….

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