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Feb '11

February Heat Wave

It was an amazing moment when I was able to remove the weather draft guard from my  front door and windows.  As I lifted my windows an inch or two to let in the fresh fragrant air it seemed to refresh the room instantly.   I guess we can never replace the real thing when we use sprays or candles so this is a treat.  Besides the fact that I can once again wear regular clothes and not be bundled up with sweaters and heavy socks to keep the chill away.

You see the homes in Florida were not built with insulation to keep out frigid temperatures and it would probably be too warm in the summer even if  we could afford to change it.   Most of  us that live in Florida do so because we enjoy the year round warmth and sunshine.  Yet, somehow this winter turned out to be the coldest for all of us.

So when I  speak with my family up North and they tell me they just had more snow and high winds, I  feel a little guilty about being in the sunshine state (as it is called) except that I knew twenty one years ago it would be difficult for me to handle the cold and snow as I aged.

And so the trade off is the great weather versus not being able to see my family as much as I would like to. Then again they say “Absence makes the heart grow fonder and hopefully not out of sight out of mind.”

This being Presidents week and winter break for some, our weather is delightful with no rain in the forecast.   I am sure they will return home with a sunburn and a smile or two bragging about our awesome weather.

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