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Feb '09

Wonderful Monday

What a special day this turned out to be with its wonderful weather.  I awoke in a great mood as I readied myself  to pack my little lunch and leave for my favorite place.  In about 15 minutes I would arrive at my classroom with my eager little faces smiling as I open the door and say hello. As I check off their names on my lists and gather the supplies I would need to help them,  I could see hands raising to be first and mouthing (me,me).  I smile and call my first student and we head for our work area.  I always ask each one “how was your weekend?”  Their replies can be O.K. to I saw my Dad or my Mom came for a visit and then I cried when they left.  It breaks my heart when I hear this as we tend to believe it is a perfect world for children but believe me for some it is difficult.  So many of the children thrive on the one-on-one which tends to build their self esteem and also encourages them to compete amongst each other.  A few are having their own little contests going as to who will learn all the sight words first.

The morning goes by quickly and I am feeling so rewarded and alive.  It is amazing how doing a little can make you feel like you moved mountains, just like that!

I break for lunch and I head back to the classroom and work with a few more students.  On my way to the office  as I ready to leave for the day I spot a student from first grade in 2005 walking towards me with open arms.  My goodness,  how big you are, how old are you?  When she replied “Ms Millie I am eleven years old”,  I just reached over and gave her a hug.  I mentioned to her that I can see her every day as I have the class picture on my wall.  Her eyes open wide and her smile beams from ear to ear.  Wow, that was such a long time ago she replies.  This is her last year at this school as they move up and out after fifth grade.

I can hardly believe where the time has gone but it is so nice to see the fruits of my volunteering.  Their faces will live on for years and hopefully I will see them around town as they grow into adults.  This has been a wonderful day, indeed.

1 comment to “Wonderful Monday”

  1. Gullible Says:

    And having been on the receiving end of such a teacher, I can tell you the personal interest is invaluable and never forgotten. Gully