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Nov '12

Wonderful Day

I sure did miss volunteering last week with the school having a week off for the Thanksgiving Break.  Seeing Sophia today and talking about school work and her plans for the future has me excited to hear how focused she is becoming and I love her positive attitude.   We seem to have built a relationship that is becoming stronger with each visit and I look forward to her high school graduation in two years.

After our visit came to a close,  I headed to Marlowe elementary  to work with my fourth grade students that are having a difficult time with Math.  Way back when I recall, I was not an A student in Math yet I did manage to pass.  But, I never really understood Algebra and for the past weeks we have only worked on multiplication and division.  Somehow this has worked out fairly well.  But today, Kristen explained that Algebra was the culprit to be solved with five of the students.

I quickly told my five students about my dilemma and we decided we would take turns reading the problems and work it out together.  We sort of learned some basics from each other and I now have a better handle on helping my other students tomorrow.  Even “Tony remarked that he thought it was kind of neat that I admitted my lack of knowledge of algebra.” ” I smiled and replied that honesty is the best policy always!  Now I am hoping I fare as well tomorrow.

Next on my agenda was my first grade class and I had to help a student do his preliminary test to prepare for a final test on Friday.  As we sat at our table he looked so forlorn until I reassured he would do well and all he had to do was listen to the problem I read.   I could re-read it if necessary, but that was it!  He seemed to gain confidence as he filled in the bubbles for his answers and then I heard a deep sigh, as I read the last problem.  When I looked at him as he colored in the bubble, his face was  now relaxed.  He smiled as he looked at me and said “thank you Ms Millie for helping me today and I replied, it was my pleasure to help you and I know you will do well on Friday.”

And so for now I look forward to tomorrow!

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