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Apr '11

Weekend is Here

Did you ever feel that you might have the Midas touch?  Meaning that  every thing you do,  just happens to turn out better than you ever imagined.

This was the scenario with a student that I have been mentoring.  In the past few months it seemed her grades were declining and she was in jeopardy of losing her scholarship.  Because she had to maintain a certain grade average, she received a warning letter from the higher-ups.  This seemed to shake her up enough for Sophia to realize she had to knuckle down.   And so we worked together and were able to get the tutoring she needed and I also began checking to see if she was doing and understanding her assignments.

The latest report card showed improvement in two of her classes.  But this turnaround has to stay in order for Sophia not to lose her valuable scholarship.  The balance of her grades have to improve as well and I am hopeful it will happen.

Now, I don’t deserve any accolades , but I am patting myself ( just a teeny bit) for seeing her through her trying times.

After all,  this is what mentoring is all about!  Just being there and guiding them,  no matter what.  But,  it is not always easy.

And so tomorrow, I am back at the gift shop for my four hours at the hospital.

I think I am in love with volunteerism and helping others.

Enjoy your weekend.

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