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Jun '10

Training Day

Tomorrow I will be taking a tour around the Community Hospital to become familiar with the surroundings and different areas.  This is necessary in order for me to be a volunteer.  My plan is to shadow another clown and become a duo once or twice a week and bring some joy and happiness to the patients.

Sparkles will be spiffing up her costume and preparing her happy face for the photos next week.  I will be wearing two picture badges one as Ms Millie and the other as Sparkles so that Security will know who is who?  Can’t blame them for playing it safe and smart.

For me this will be another notch on my  “things to do”  list and one more learning experience.  Can’t wait to see them smile!

2 comments to “Training Day”

  1. Walk Says:

    It must be fun to go clowning around. They say that laughter is the best medicine, then you will be the best doctor at the hospital.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    I am hoping to be remembered as Sparkles the clown that added a bit of sunshine to your day. It is fun dressing up and learning to put the make-up on. Still need lots of practice on the muzzle and eyebrows….