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Jan '10

The Big Band Plays On

One of those fantastic days for me that started off with a healthy breakfast of cereal, v-8 juice and mandarin oranges.  I added a cup of  fresh brewed coffee and read the newspaper.  Waited for my keyboard teacher but she was a no-show and so I left to visit my  Sophia at the Middle School.

I was impressed with her report card that showed all A’s and B’s and just  one C in Social Studies that she plans to work harder to bring it up to a B and perhaps an A by next report period.  Sophia’s attitude is wonderful and to hear her plans and her innocence, is a glance backwards to my teen-age years.  Although at 13 I remember checking out the males and my Dad telling I was boy crazy, but it was all part of being a teenager and to just enjoy it, but my school work was a priority.  Our plan for next week is to work on some lessons together that will help us find out her likes and dislikes and what gets us motivated.  It is helping us build not only a relationship, but an endearing friendship. With that in mind,  I drove to the Richey Suncoast theater for the Frank Parsons’ Big Band concert.

This months theme was music and lyrics of Cole Porter and Frank Parsons started off with an introduction of Cole Porters life history.  I learned that he lived an extraordinary rich life style and that his music goes back over 75 years and amazingly it is still wonderful to listen to.  It sure  is proof  to me  that good music and lyrics live on and are wonderful to dance cheek to cheek.  The rhythms are catching as I found myself once again dancing in my seat.  For Ms Millie it was a most enjoyable and satisfying day and  I hope you had  a good one, too.

2 comments to “The Big Band Plays On”

  1. Frank Parsons Says:

    Hi Millie-
    Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoy the band. Rogers and Hart should also be good if you can make it.
    Please say hello next time you see me. We have some more interesting things in the next month if you might be interested. I’m going to try to send this now if I can figure out what the captcha code is. Frank

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    Hi Frank It is certainly my pleasure to write about you and your band. I have been a season ticket holder for the past four years and have told so many friends how enjoyable and talented the players are. I myself love to sing and I enjoy remembering most of the words. There are times I picture myself up there, where Liz stands and see me belting out a tune or two. Maybe someday!

    I look forward meeting you next performance for sure…….