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Apr '11

Special People Make A Difference

Saturday afternoons at the gift shop have become a favorite for me, as I look forward to meeting and greeting each new shopper.  Sometimes they don’t buy a thing but they just need to browse and perhaps just gather their thoughts.  The shop is well lit and we have nice music playing to enhance their experience plus the merchandise is top of the line.  We have something for everyone at a great price, even the bags of assorted candies are affordable and without dating myself we have Mary Jane’s.  I recall way back then how much I loved the taste but now( I fear the loss of my dentures) so no Mary Jane’s for me.

This past Saturday was quiet with not too many shoppers, when a young man walked in and asked if I sold chap stick.  Sure we do I replied as I greeted him hello and I pointed out the shelf that held them.  He remarked that he came all the way from New York to buy chap stick in the hospitals gift shop.  Really, I smiled back at him and asked “did you fly?”

No he answered,  “actually I took a bus, my grandma is celebrating her 101st birthday and I wanted to surprise her and the weather up North has been chilly as of late.  And, I thought my kiss should be soft on her skin, he continued on.”

Need I tell you, I felt like hugging him (for being an awesome thoughtful grandson) but opted instead by giving him a high five and saying that  I knew how happy his grandmother was going to be.  Chapped lips and all she will be ecstatic!

Just being a grandmother myself,  I know first hand  how special this would feel and how the memory would linger for a long, long time bringing smiles of happiness and knowing I was loved.  He proudly left with his chap stick and a big smile and me I remained with a feeling of “Wow”.

This wonderful incident has stayed with me and so I thought I would share it with you.

2 comments to “Special People Make A Difference”

  1. Walk Says:

    Sounds like you blessed him as much as he blessed you. It’s good to hear such stories as we are always force fed the bad ones. Keep on handing out those smiles.

  2. Ms. Millie Says:

    And the more we smile, those wrinkles fade away and our eyes twinkle with a sigh of satisfaction. Make someone smile today. Thanks Walk for your kind words as always……