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Nov '10

So Nice to Feel Good

After two weeks of being on an antibiotic,  my facial pain has minimized and the doctor is now thinking that the pain might have been caused by chronic sinusitis and TMJ.  This has kept me in a state of confusion and worry but now I feel relief  and thankful it is not serious.

Yesterday while at school helping my first graders with their reading, my little friend Brian from last years class came into the area and asked me “MsMilie do you still have the Christmas tree we made you last year?  Absolutely I replied,  I will have it forever and hang it up every year”  He smiled and I knew he was happy as he walked back to his area.

I feel that Brian has once again proved to me  that children never forget people and things that they do (good or bad) and love the reassurance that we too remember.  It sure put a  huge grin on my face as I proudly thought about my Christmas tree.   And today I hung it on my living room wall and looked at the cute faces from one year ago.  My goodness they have grown so much since kindergarten and and the best is yet to come.  They are by far my best holiday decorations.

2 comments to “So Nice to Feel Good”

  1. Walk Says:

    That has to be the best decoration! It is amazing how people react when you show them that you really care, and not just giving them lip service. Even though I’m not directly effected by you good work, I am through your inspiring words here, so I thank you for all of us that are touched by you, one way or another.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    Walk, Thank you once again for inspiring me to continue to write. You sure make me feel good about it.