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Apr '09

Only Six Weeks to Go

My little friends at Marlowe Elementary have only six weeks left before their first year of school is over and summer break begins.  It has been a magical journey,  watching their transformation into little people with inquisitive minds and their willingness to learn how to compete with each other.  For example, there are eleven lists broken into 1-11 and each list has twenty words. The goal is to recognize 220 words by the end of the school year and most will attain this with a few not far behind.  They are so proud when they are able to recognize the word and then make a little sentence.  I feel as if I am learning once again and this time pronouncing the words correctly.  For 5-6 year old children this is quite an accomplishment and once again I have been along for the ride,  helping their eager minds absorb all that is offered to them. 

The end of May will feature the “Moving Up” ceremony for the children leaving Marlowe and I know I will be viewing my first year children all grown up with tears of pride welling in my eyes.  It doesn’t seem possible that six years have passed so happily.  Hopefully, I will be doing this for many happy years to come and adding memories upon memories.

1 comment to “Only Six Weeks to Go”

  1. Walk Says:

    Seems like you were just talking about the first day of class. As the frog said, “Times fun when you’re having flies.”