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Sep '09

Great Thursday

Doing the Yoga poses today seemed incredible as I found myself twisting and turning my body like a pretzel yet not feeling any discomfort but relaxed and stretched.   I remember back in 2003 when I took my first class and thought “I will never be able to do this with my body!”.  Well I have and I do continue to improve and along with the feedback I receive, it seems be working well for me and my well-being.

I completed an hour this morning and then left to do my Mentoring at the school.   Sophia and I spoke about the rock concert she was going to see (but it was rained out),  and the movie she was planning to see this weekend.  I then looked at her progress report that sported a few A’s and just two classes that needed some improvement.  She felt by report card time next month it would reflect her diligence at bringing her grades up in all of her subjects.

We both to seem to be more relaxed as we become comfortable and trusting with each other.

Tonight I will be watching my favorite shows,  CSI and the Mentalist starring Simon Baker.  He is soooo cute!

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