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Oct '08

Fun Monday

Our schools were closed today for Teacher Planning Day which I meant I had more free time.  The weather cooperated with wonderful blue skies and sunshine.  The humidity is gone and it almost feels like a sweater day. 

I did a yoga class for an hour and then left to do my other volunteer work.  I visited a nursing home to be sure they were up to par in all their requirements and doing good by our elderly and handicapped. 

There are many times I find it overwhelming to see their lost expressions, their pleas of I want to go home and their helplessness.  Yet, when I stop and say “hi, how are you?” and a little smile appears or a slight twinkle in their eyes, it is all worth it.  Just a few words and they are so happy that someone is there for them.  I always ask about their families and their hobbies.  They have so many wonderful backgrounds, I wish I could write it all down.  Anyway, that was it for today and tonight I change gears and watch one of my favorite shows, Dancing with the Stars.  I will be dancing along with them once again.

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