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Aug '10

Busy Schedule Ahead

School bells will ring in about two weeks and for me that means a new kindergarten class to meet and help through out the coming school year.  It is quite a big adjustment for these little ones and myself along with the teacher try to make their first days as easy as possible.  Just being an extra hand is so appreciated when there can be twenty or more students and only one teacher.   It can become very stressful when a few students are acting out by not knowing proper behaviour.   I then become not only a helper  but also a  benefactor of making all of these little ones my new friends.

Tomorrow,  I will be at the local hospital training to volunteer at the gift shop once or twice a week for a four hour shift.  This so happens to be a cheerful spot in the hospital and I can help visitors pick perhaps the right card/gift and also be able to wrap it with a special bow or paper.  And then on Thursday I will be ” Sparkles the clown”  visiting the patients along with Pearl and Flowers.  I would  like to have a prop to hold that would sparkle or glitter as I walked into the patients room.  Pearl has a twirly type on a sting hanging from the side of the cart and Flowers has a cute prescription pad with a huge pen.  And so Sparkles needs your help.  Anyone have an idea for me?

Although the main prop is to be  funny and to bring big smiles, we will welcome even teeny tiny ones, too.

Bye for now!

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