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Sep '11

Nice to be Back

I can hardly believe we are in the 3rd day of September and celebrating Labor Day weekend.  My travels began back on the 18th of August where I boarded a plane for N.Y. and connected with a past friend and cruiser to enjoy two days of walking around the beautiful sights of NYC and eat at the smorgasbord of restaurants.  Somehow, these are the times when I miss living in New York because there is so much to do alone or with others, that one could never be bored.   I do admit that my one and only reason for moving is the cold-snowy-dreary darker months,  and  I have had many a fantasy of winning the lottery and perhaps buying a residence in the city for the cooler months.  This way I would be gone for the hot and humid days in Florida but take the sunshine with me.  Yes, I know we can’t have it all but a girl can dream and dream away I do!

Anyway on August 20th we boarded the Caribbean Princess and sailed away to Halifax where we walked and viewed Peggy’s Cove and onto St Johns and the Bay of Fundy and the Reversing Rapids.  The next days we docked at Bar Harbor Maine, Providence Rhode Island and Boston and then saw the weather forecast for New York City.  A hurricane was coming to the area on Sunday and I was coming into port in Brooklyn on Saturday.   My plans to stay with family there were not the perfect scenario if the lights and area were to become flooded.  My only other choice would be to go out to the Long Island and stay with another relative that was on higher ground.  Fortunately, everyone fared well and with no damage and I did enjoy the time though brief with my new grand-daughter and my son’s wife and family.   Marissa and Anthony had lots of time with me to play games and have fun with their great-grandmother.

I arrived back in Florida on Wednesday night and have spent the past few days unpacking and enjoying my home once again.  Next week is back to volunteering and meeting my new little ones and also continuing my mentoring of Sophia.  So for now it is bye-bye summer and hello to the almost Fall season.

1 comment to “Nice to be Back”

  1. Walk Says:

    Be it ever humble, there is no place like home. Glad you had a great time and got to see family and friends. I imagine the kiddos, especially Sophia, will be glad to see you also.

    And I am ready to say “Hello” to Fall and these 100 degree days.