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Dec '08

Just in Case

Each time I plan a trip,  I make a list of things I need and want to wear including the shoes, jewelry, wrap/ sweater and it all seems to work out so well on paper.  Then, I start with my biggest suitcase and put my new sleepwear and personal garments in a special zipper bag.  I put the shoes on my list in plastic and place them in the bag.  The five special gowns/dresses with a matching wrap and the jewelry to go with each. That will take care of the five dress up nights including New Years Eve.  So now I am thinking about morning and afternoon casual wear in addition to a few bathing suits, a cover up, flip flops, a  straw hat, sunglasses and lotion to get that great Caribbean tan. In a blink of an eye I am now filling a smaller suitcase and adding my ( just in case) clothes, In case I eat too much and the waistband doesn’t close and the zipper won’t zip, in case the weather is not right for what I planned to wear and so on.  Plus I have to add all my cosmetics, brush, pills, vitamins and first aid items (that you never want to buy on a ship or in a port).  The prices will astound you.  

It is a good thing that I have mailed all my presents up North so there is plenty of room or so I thought now that my room has one huge suitcase and one big suitcase and a carry-on type bag for my camera, snacks (for the bus ride) and last minute items. The departure is not for another five days, but I am ready and I am promising myself this is it.  It is only a seven day trip from start to finish.

Let’s see if I wear everything.  I promise to tell the truth.  Do you think I will?

1 comment to “Just in Case”

  1. Walk Says:

    What a great way to spend New Years. Here’s wishing that you have a greater time than you hope for. I think of you while I shiver here in this 25 degree weather, but no snow or ice yet. Take pictures and notes, we want to hear all about it.