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May '08

Sunday is a Special Day

A few years ago on Mother’s Day, my sons called and wished me a wonderful day. My sisters and I exchanged phone greetings as well as my brother. It was a beautiful sunny day, but somehow I was not my bubbly, happy self. As I pondered and tried to read the Sunday papers while listening […]

Apr '08

There is No Tomorrow

There was a wonderful song sung by Tony Martin titled  “There is no Tomorrow”, there’s just today.  Why this song came to me today is another reminder of memories stored in our memory bank.  Thinking about the last day to file income tax, the craziness of the stock market, the unsteadiness of the economy and the fear […]

Feb '08

The Stars are still Singing

Can you recall that wonderful song “Release Me” sung by Englebert Humperdinck?  Last night for the first time I could hear it and not burst out in tears.  Forty years ago,  that was his claim to fame, his boost to stardom.  At that stage of my life, my marriage was at a crossroads and each […]