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Jan '11

No Snow (Yet) in Florida

This by far has been a crazy weather week with every state having snow except for Florida, although Tallahassee reported they had icicles hanging from some of the roof tops.  I am beginning to think that normal weather patterns are over and that anything is possible.  There is a cliché about not being able to […]

Feb '10

Perfect Timing

Fortunately the wedding went as planned without a drop of snow or rain, just cold and sunny.  I feel it was perfect timing after seeing the blizzard conditions and mounds of snow in the New York area. Here in Florida, the temperatures are below average with a prediction of near freezing numbers tonight and early […]

Feb '09

Making a Snowman

As I chatted with my grandson Joey earlier this evening he mentioned that it was snowing and that tomorrow would be a two hour delay for school opening.  When I asked how he felt about it, he wasn’t sure if he liked the idea of sleeping in or having the chance to make a snowman […]

Jan '09

It is Cold Everywhere

BRRRRRR– It just seems to be cold everywhere as I watch and listen to the newscasters and weather forecasters showing all parts of the country freezing. On the Today show in New York, I could see the snow coming down and yes-it did look pretty, but I am happy to be viewing it from a […]

Dec '08

Snow in the Forecast

My family up North has mentioned they might be having a White Christmas this year as the snow fell lightly today out in Long Island, New York.  I am sure my young grandson Joey is having fun on his sled.  I can vividly recall how pretty it is seeing snow coming down, but I sure don’t […]