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May '09

On Stage Again

Hopefully, I won’t be as nervous tonight singing live for the second time choosing a special song, entitled “Yesterday”.  It was originally done by “The Beatles” and has always been one of my favorites.  Maybe, it is because of the beautiful lyrics that tend to touch my heart and emotions that led me to choose […]

Apr '09

I Feel Proud Today

My appearance on stage was an awesome experience for me even though I had stage fright for a few seconds but then ( I remembered my dream along with my son’s good wishes earlier in the day)  and I just belted out the words – did a little rhythm with the hips- the audience loved it (young and old […]

Feb '09

Learning the Words

I am so excited about taking singing lessons that I have compiled a list of songs that I have enjoyed the past years and hope to be able to sing myself.  I find myself humming more and listening to a variety of radio stations to decide on one particular style.  With practice,  I can probably […]

May '08

So Much Talent

Today I marveled at all the wonderful talent that our youth has; there were singers, dancers doing ballet, young actresses and actors. The youngest of the bunch was a beautifully talented young lady all of twelve years-old who could sing and dance. Her partner was fourteen and could sing, rap and dance too. Some of […]