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Mar '09

Fun Events for the End of the Month

On the last Monday of this month,  I will be attending the Retired Service Volunteer People RSVP luncheon thanking all of us that give of our time to the schools, Hospice and other agencies.  It is always a very special time meeting so many like myself that enjoy working with the children in addition to feeling […]

Jun '08

Watching the Clock

I am smiling as I watch the minutes pass and thinking about my grandson’s plan to go to bed early tonight so his birthday tomorrow will come sooner.  Almost tempted to call New York and check with his Mom but don’t want to ruin his game plan.  Tomorrow I will be calling right after school […]

Jun '08

While chatting with my grandson Joey yesterday on our weekly phone conversation we were catching up on his last few weeks of school in New York.  He mentioned how hot it was and said I think it was 110!  I laughed and told him NY had warmer temperatures than Florida for a change. Then in the […]

Mar '08

Happy Spring

Well, I survived four wonderful days with my grandson keeping him well fed, lots of fun activities, swimming in the pool, showing me his back stroke and diving skills.  We played card games that I thought I had forgotten (War, Old Maid).  I lost both games.  His Dad was able to get tickets to the […]