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Nov '11

Brand New Day

Wow!  I am feeling like the older me and I can smile again.  It seems the spring in my step is back and the aches in my legs are gone. Now, I don’t want you to think that I am trying to ignore the numbers on my birthday cake next month (hint), but my idea […]

Oct '08

Preventive Medicine

Earlier this month, I wrote about my sore arms after receiving a pneumonia vaccine in one arm and this year’s flu vaccine in the other. Radiating from the site on my arm where the flu vaccine was administered were painful red streaks all the way down to my wrist. This had never happened to me […]

Oct '08

My Sore Arms

This is the season for people of all ages to get their flu shot.  It was highly recommended that I get it because of my closeness with children.  I was also told that I needed the pneumonia shot, too.  We could do one a week,  I tell the doctor.  No, he replies “my assistant will […]