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Ms. Millie, the sassy so called senior that some call a motivational force, cordially invites you to join her quest to stay youthful and feel better, inside & out.

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Nov '16

Changes in My Life

I recall saying repeatedly, “I will never live with my children!” And yet here I am today, living with my middle son, his wife and the cutest 3 year old grand daughter. I have lived alone for more than forty years working and raising my 3 sons and managed well.  Then after an unsuccessful cataract procedure in […]

Jan '11

My Intro to Exercise

The man who started me making all these crazy faces in addition to marching in place and doing arm exercises has passed away at the wonderful age of 96.  The one and only Jack LaLanne had been my inspiration for all of these years as he convinced me way back in the 60’s with his […]

Jul '09

Someone Called Me “Amazing”

As we did the abs class this morning (fortunately it is only a half hour) there we were trying to do full sit-ups and touching our toes for a 25 count.  By the last three I didn’t think I could do it,  but I inhaled and said “yes I can to myself and viola, I […]

Jul '09

Getting Hooked

Lately,  I  have been questioned as to what is my secret to looking younger than my years and having smooth skin?  Somehow my answer is not what they expected to hear.  It usually goes like this: 1. Exercise 3-4 times a week combining weights for body sculpting. 2. Yoga for balance and mental alertness and […]

Jan '09

Pretzel Moves Again

My body is crying for exercise as I have taken a two week hiatus between my cruise and catching up on the necessities to run my household.  I have my alarm set for tomorrow morning with the plan of being at the  Fusion Fit Club practicing my stretches and then do the one hour class.  It […]