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Nov '11

Love the Extra Hour

I like to start early in the day changing my many clocks and watches, as we approach the end of daylight savings time at 2 a.m.  On one hand it is great to get the extra hour under the covers but on the other hand, it is not good for me with the curtailment of […]

Mar '10

Longer Days are Welcome

I just love this time of the year when we turned the clocks ahead and have all the extra daylight hours.  Somehow it just seems to brighten my days as  I can venture around town and not be watching the clock.  Perhaps one day if corrective eye surgery will allow me to see at night […]

Feb '10

Counting Days Again

Once again I am like a child crossing off days on the calendar, not for my birthday but for the first day of  Daylight Savings time,  which this year is March 14 2010.  This change gives Ms Millie another hour or so of daylight in the evening to gallivant or drive to the mall or […]

Oct '09

Time Change

I realized today that in another week or so we will be ending DST and it will be dark at 6 in the evening.  In some ways,  I feel trapped being I don’t drive at night and in the spring and summer,  it gives me more hours to go out.  On the other hand,  I […]

Mar '09

The Time Change

My favorite time of the year is almost here and I will be free to roam after the 6pm hour.  It is almost like “school is out for me”.  Driving at dusk or darkness has been an ongoing problem for more years than I care to remember.  Now with the the clock going forward,  I […]