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Sep '12

Remembering a Loved One

As we marched into the auditorium on a Sunday afternoon ( just a mere sixty years ago) I recall the music playing in the background and teared up to the beautiful lyrics of You Will Never Walk alone. This was my high school graduation and my Dad was in the audience along with other family […]

Jun '10

Daddy’s Little Girl

I will be missing my Dad just a little more tomorrow as we celebrate Father’s Day.  Even though it has been forty seven years since Daddy went straight up to heaven,  it still seems to be at times that a piece of him, a word or words remind me of how very special he was […]

Mar '08

Hey Daddy

Hi Daddy, Remember me? We haven’t seen each other since 1963 You were my best friend even though you were my Dad No one can replace the love that we shared I still call your name when ever I am blue And manage to smile as you told me to It is always better to […]