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Mar '12

Doctor’s Orders Brought Me Back

Here I am, foggy-groggy and worn out from medicines prescribed for my slight case of pneumonia.  This has been a battle ever since my flu shot back last September.  My doctor and I feel that this year’s flu-shot caused me to experience muscle failure-thrush from the steroid inhaler and bronchitis.  I no sooner think I […]

Jan '11

No Snow (Yet) in Florida

This by far has been a crazy weather week with every state having snow except for Florida, although Tallahassee reported they had icicles hanging from some of the roof tops.  I am beginning to think that normal weather patterns are over and that anything is possible.  There is a cliché about not being able to […]

Jan '10

Possibility of a Heat Wave

When I lived up North where I grew up I was never a fan of cold weather and I always dreaded the winter months of  putting on the sweaters, scarves, mitten and sometimes boots.  It seemed forever until we did all this and finally headed to the subway, bus or automobile where we then struggled […]

Jan '09

It is Cold Everywhere

BRRRRRR– It just seems to be cold everywhere as I watch and listen to the newscasters and weather forecasters showing all parts of the country freezing. On the Today show in New York, I could see the snow coming down and yes-it did look pretty, but I am happy to be viewing it from a […]