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Feb '09

The Communication Era

A few days ago chatting with a family member, the topic came up of dating and communication issues.  When in a personal relationship do you discuss having children, or the desire to be a parent or would you be willing to be a surrogate parent.  Would you feel cheated?  In today’s world with so many divorces and remarriages this is a common situation.

Many years ago,  when I became a single mom with my own children,  I knew if I met someone,  I would not be willing to have any more children.  This would have been selfish on my part especially if the man in question had not been a father on his own.  But this didn’t happen and it never did come up in conversation.  The question came up if this was typical of my background or generation? 

My recollection of growing up (in the fifties) was that you graduated high school, married your childhood sweetheart with the plan of making a home for your husband and becoming a Mother.  We never thought about if we wanted this, it was expected of us.  It would be frowned upon to be different.

So this leads to the question?  Is this typical of all generations prior to the fifties and when did it change?  The conversations we have today can still bring shock or embarassment, as there is still a taboo amongst us older folks.  What is your feeling?

1 comment to “The Communication Era”

  1. Walk Says:

    People may say what they want, but the Beaver Cleaver days were certainly a better era, family wise anyway. I think there are expectations for every generation. As you said, in the fifties society expected the mother to stay home. Today if a mother wants to stay home she is called lazy, non-productive, she-needs-to-get-a-job blah, blah, blah. The greatest job she can have is raising those children.