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Dec '09

Another Year Older

I think those words were part of a song from many years ago that said “Another year older and deeper in debt”,  but I can’t remember the next line to this fun song.  Anyone out there  have a clue?  Help me out!

Well Ms Millie had a busy week with volunteering at the school, taking my keyboard lesson (Jingle Bells and Silent Night) and trying to sing along too  is easier said than done.

My Yoga practice has been going great and I have another class scheduled for Sunday at 11.  This one removes all of the remaining stress out of my mind and body.  All of my Christmas shopping is done and I mailed my presents to my great-grandchildren, my youngest grandchild and my two new grandchildren.    I packed a box with a few odds and ends that I thought the newly engaged couple might like and then my doorbell rang a few minutes after returning from the post office and there at my door was a beautiful display of flowers in a pretty shade of blue vase being held by the delivery lady.  The flowers were sent from my son and family for Ms Millie’s birthday.  Yes-  I am another year older but not necessarily deeper in debt, just happier I made another year!

2 comments to “Another Year Older”

  1. Walk Says:

    Just like wine, each year you get finer. Here’s to many, many more birthday flower deliveries. Happy Birthday my friend.

  2. Gullible Says:

    You got 16 tons and what do you get?
    Another year older, and deeper in debt…

    Tennessee Ernie Ford, Sixteen Tons

    Happy Birthday, Millie\