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May '09

Time is Marching On

It is almost the end of another month and June will be busting out all over (remember that song?) brings back lots of fun memories.  Right now, I am trying to pack for a week in New York and the long range forecast is for maybe high in the 60’s and lows in the fifties. That sure does not sound like light summery fashion.   For me,  it is more like hat, coat and gloves to keep the chill away. My normal attire is flip flops to match my Capri’s, short sleeve Tees and perhaps a light sweater for the stores with the A/C blasting.  I am thinking my body will be traumatized.  This has become a minor dilemma!!

I started with one suitcase and then added color matching hoodies and sweaters plus shoes to match and guess what?  I am on my second suitcase.  I had better start over and perhaps make a list, and then maybe one suitcase will be plenty.  At least I don’t need dress clothes to hang out with my family and grand-kids and play games with my two great grand children, Marissa and A. J.  A fifth birthday is coming on the 13th of June for A. J. and I am thinking it will be fun to shop with him for his birthday gift.
The weekend had sporadic showers, lightening and then some sunshine, but for the most part it was pleasant.  “Hello Dolly” turned out to be a marvelous show with its beautiful costumes, super voices and outrageous dance steps.  I naturally sang along and tapped my feet to the beat.  I just love shows and musicals especially on a Sunday afternoon………..That’s it for now……

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