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Mar '14

Time Flying By

This awesome photo taken back in 2008 when Terry had just turned 50 young years of age.  It didn’t seem real that my first-born son (1958) had reached this milestone in his life going through many of life’s challenges and surviving it all.  He is a guy with a sarcastic tone to his soft voice and really true to his sign (Leo) that states their roar is louder than their bite.  Because he truly has a big heart and loves baseball.  I have always wished that he could play just once for the New York Yankees (as that has been a dream of his), since he was a boy.  And, if I ever win the Lottery I will find a way to fund his dream.

Terry and Peggy have four children all grown up now.  They are also grandparents to two fantastic children and I marvel at where the time has gone.  I recall “my mom saying in a blink of an eye, they are all grown up” and how very this is.  Just maneuvering the unknown roads of raising your children is scary in itself as we have no rule or guide books and I know there were many a night I cried and thought I can’t get through this or will I live to see him grow up?  But strength love and devotion kicks in and we muddle through each challenge and before we know it, they are grown up!

And amazingly I survived and it is so wonderful to have not only one son but three fantastic sons to complete my life.  Just wish that time might slow down a little now in my later years so I can smell the roses – breathe the fresh air and enjoy all the love.

My Son Terry and I

My Son Terry and I

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