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Sep '13

Still Missing You

He was my giant teddy bear although his height was only 5’5 and his thinning black hair suited his round face with adorned by a tiny mustache.  His big brown expressive eyes showed his emotions and so you always knew if you were in trouble

I seemed to be always in some sort of mischief as I was inquisitive and wanted answers to everything.   Saying you’re not old enough didn’t satisfy my curiosity and so after a while, my mother reprimanded me.  My best friend always came to my rescue as he explained that there are things in life that are better understood when one is older.  He knew how to satisfy my curiosity without squashing my want to ask.  “If you don’t ask you don’t learn”, he would say.

It is now the day before his birthday and already I am seeing him way as he was way back in 1963.  This was his year to say good-bye on March 11.  The stroke hit him on a Saturday night and by Sunday we knew it was a cerebral hemorrhage and he was in a coma.  If he would survive it, he would probably be a vegetable the medical staff informed us.  This would not fit the man I knew as my Daddy and so at 5:55 p.m. on March 11 1963 my dear daddy was gone.  I still believe he went straight up to heaven and after fifty years he is still shining his light and wisdom on me.  Happy Birthday Daddy……..I will always love you.

Your daddy’s little girl Millie

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