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Sep '10

Small World

You never know who you might meet and if that person by chance knows who you know.  I somehow recall my Dad telling me this as he described how to be a good friend.  He went on to explain that if you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say anything and never ever divulge a confidence. And so yesterday,  while I was at the dentists office waiting for my appointment time,  myself and another gentleman watched the newscast on the television.  The news was disturbing to me as they spoke about another bullying incident, only this time the parent of the child retaliated and was being charged.  I spoke out loud my opinion about how in my day,  the kids would not get away with this behavior.  And the man ( I never asked his name) agreed with me.  We continued chatting about places and neighborhoods and personal information and like a lightening bolt realized, we were both from the same neighborhoods.

How strange yet wonderful it was to talk about places from the early 1950’s and me being a mere teenager back then. Now the best part happened as we talked about people we knew and I mentioned my first love (puppy love my Dad called it) named Harry.  I went on to say I should have married him,  but I had met someone else and broke off with Harry.

This wonderful man smiled in disbelief as he told me how he also knew Harry and his family and lived on the same block as him for years.  He remembered Harry moving to California and then back to New York and getting married.

He felt this twist of  fate was ironic as it was only last week,  that he recalled asking someone about Harry’s whereabouts?  And then today, to be sitting here in a dentists office talking to the gal he dated secretly almost sixty years ago was incredible.  As his wife entered the room from the treatment area he jumped up from his seat and related to her our wondrous conversation.   He said  he would play the numbers of  the date on his lottery form and share his winnings with me.  We happily said hope to see you again and I waltzed into the treatment room with a huge smile and told the dentist about it.

I am still in flux-what an incredible afternoon!  The whole experience has left me with butterflies in my tummy and the wonderful memories flooding my mind from many many years ago.

Now wouldn’t it be awesome,  if somehow Harry read this and realized that Ms Millie is still wild about Harry? And that he just happened to be the right guy at the wrong time of  her life.

Is it not a small world?

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