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Jan '10

Possibility of a Heat Wave

When I lived up North where I grew up I was never a fan of cold weather and I always dreaded the winter months of  putting on the sweaters, scarves, mitten and sometimes boots.  It seemed forever until we did all this and finally headed to the subway, bus or automobile where we then struggled to fit behind the wheel with all the bulk on our bodies.

I remember one year my son Darrin bought me this furry cover for my steering wheel as driving with gloves was not comfortable for me.  My hands are always cold even in the warmest temperatures, so this gift was appreciated and I wish I still had it, but I gave it away when I moved to Florida thinking it would never be cold enought to use.  Boy, was I mistaken and luckily I still had an old pair of mittens stashed in an old suitcase.  I am so used to keeping a sweater in my car just in case the a/c  in the stores are too cool and that only takes five minutes or so to bring an extra one.

But this weather has had me bundling up and not in a fashionable way.  Fortunately, the weather person has predicted that  by Friday we should be more like Florida once again with 60-65  degrees and sunny.  I can hardly wait for the warmth so I can stop shivering as Ms Millie and the cold do not work well together at all. 

It  is the reason I moved away to the warmer climate and I am eagerly awaiting the heat.   I feel like singing “Spring is Busting Out all Over” but not yet!

We broke a record today 9 days of temperatures below 60 degrees.  Brrrrrrr!

2 comments to “Possibility of a Heat Wave”

  1. Walk Says:

    It seemed like a heat wave yesterday as the temp got to 47. After two weeks of single digits, it feels like a heat wave.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    Hope it continues its way to Florida. I don’t think I could survive single digits. Cold just thinking about it!