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Sep '12

Love affair with Skype

From here to up North in a click of a key and “viola” who should appear?  The cutest prettiest little girl in the world named Maria Helena (Mia).   If not for the Skype technology I would not be able to sing nursery rhymes and make funny faces and sounds and have her wave and smile and see the recognition on her face.   She shows me by her hand movement when she wants me to sing it again (no spoken words yet).  After all, she is only fifteen and half months but I am betting she will be talking way before her second birthday.

Mia has beautiful dark eyes and puffy little cheeks that you just want to squeeze and kiss. And yesterday she was wearing a pretty green dress that appeared to have little red apples on it and her hair had a clap pinning her hair out of her eyes on one side.  I am so in love with my grand-daughter because she not only makes me feel joy in my heart but she also creates a happiness that creates a song and dance type feeling.   Who could ask for more?

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