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Nov '09

Feels Like Fall

Florida is cold!  Can you believe we are all bundled up at 52 degrees and waiting for Monday when it should warm up?  I guess we are fickle when it comes to temperatures as we cannot make up our minds.  But, the sun is shining!

Thanksgiving turned out very pleasant and our leg of lamb dinner was delicious.  My stuffed mushrooms were superb and my new daughter-in-law loved the taste as well as my brownies. By the way, Chanipa  is very sweet and seems to be madly in love with Joe.  She didn’t have any translation for her pretty name.

I am thankful for all of my blessings this year and it was so nice to be chatting with all of my family call after call.

How was your holiday?  Did you have turkey, ham or pasta.  I am always curious about your favorites.

Till next time, enjoy be happy, smile!

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