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Jun '10

Daddy’s Little Girl

I will be missing my Dad just a little more tomorrow as we celebrate Father’s Day.  Even though it has been forty seven years since Daddy went straight up to heaven,  it still seems to be at times that a piece of him, a word or words remind me of how very special he was to me and how he guided and taught me the basics of  life.

Daddy had a way of getting his point across so that I would understand the message and be able to use it.  I have lost count of the times (both trying and gratifying)  that his wise words were right there with me to carry me forth with a smile and even  sometimes to help me to wipe away a tear or two.  We both loved the song from my graduation from High School “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and it so true of our love for each other.  I am never alone and will never forget my Dad.  I recall someone awhile back ( that had lost a loved one)  relate to me that in order to miss someone,  it had to mean they were pretty special and had a solid piece of your heart.  That no matter what happens you will never or ever-  want to  forget them.

My personal belief is do not shed a tear or regret over someone who was not there for you and could have been.  Just you be there for those you love in your life.  To my Daddy and all the other wonderful Dad’s in the world I wish you a wonderful, safe and Happy Fathers Day.  I miss you Daddy and love you so very much…

Your forever Daddy’s Little Girl.

1 comment to “Daddy’s Little Girl”

  1. The Car Washer Says:

    Sparkles…..your writing is exemplory……I never imagined you were be so greatly blessed with this talent (or gift) for writing.
    The Car Washer