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Feb '10

Switching Channels

Ms Millie usually knows her viewing lineup and never really switches her remote to other channels as  I prerecord shows for a future viewing date,  but the past two weeks with the Olympics being in prime time, most of my shows are reruns.  This has given me the opportunity to view other shows when my Ice Skating is not being featured on the Olympics.  ( I just adore the beauty and grace of Figure skating) and all their dedication put into it.

And so today for an afternoon treat, I watched last nights show of American Idol and I was so impressed with the talent of the women that sang.

Tonight’s show will feature the male portion of  performers vying for our votes and I am looking forward to watching it.   My goodness, there is so much talent out there and it is wonderful to hear people sing and compete for a chance to be noticed and perhaps become the star of stars.  It is also a learning platform in listening and dealing with critique.  Some do it better than others but I must say it breaks my heart when I notice how some of them are tearing up.

It beats watching the news any day and keeps the blues away, too!

I am also  enjoying the new combination of judges and Ellen DeGeneres is doing a great job and appears to love what she is doing.  This show will be on my lists of shows to watch from here on in.

2 comments to “Switching Channels”

  1. Gullible Says:

    Yeah, at least Ellen is coherent.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    And she loves to dance, too!