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May '08


As I sit here writing this Thursday afternoon, I have my Tivo set to tape Oprah’s show later today. On it, she is having two of my favorite stars. One is the phenomenal Tina Turner who has been my idol for years. She is a survivor in so many ways and I applaud her tenacity and I envy her talent. When I listen to her music I can feel every word she is singing. I try to convince myself I could don a wig and be her, but that could only be a dream come true.

The other superstar is Cher. From the previews, she looks awesome for her young 61 years. I am hoping I can travel to Las Vegas in the next year or so to see her. It will be on my “Things to do List”. Looking forward to watching it over and over again (the joy of Tivo!) and I want to thank Oprah for her getting this whole thing together. I know I will enjoy seeing you with them. Three Superstars….Yeah!