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Aug '10

Super Monday

If there ever was a perfect Monday it was today.  There are times you make plans and somehow something or someone puts the kibosh on it and the plans go haywire…..Not today-my yoga class was just great and all my poses and breathing techniques are vastly improved.

As planned,Valerie, Gaye and myself headed off to have lunch at Crisper’s.  I opted for  my usual pick a pair and chose the chicken salad on pumpernickel bread with a side order of fresh fruit topped off with a glass of water spritzed with lemon.  The three of us chatted about the class and the movie we were anxious to see with Julia Roberts in the starring role of Eat Pray Love.

The scenery plus the dynamite performances in the acting roles were superb.  It has been awhile since a movie ending brought wetness to my eyes but this one did along with a deep sigh. We decided amongst us that Julia Roberts  will probably be nominated for an Oscar or two.    It is just the kind of story and movie that men and women will enjoy and relate to.

It is not a  “chick flick”  and we three recommend you see it for yourself.

And so  it also turned out to be a very nice Monday, indeed!

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