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Sep '08

New Shows-New Season

Ironically, tomorrow is the first day of Fall and also the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars, CSI Miami.  On Tuesday will be more of DWTS. NCIS and Without A Trace.  Some of these shows are on at the same time, so in order not to miss any part of them, I have been setting up my taping schedule.  On Wednesday, the five finalists of America’s Got Talent will compete for the last time.  My ten votes will go to Neal who has the most outstanding voice singing opera and other ballads perfectly.  I tear up each time I hear his singing.  

Today turned out to be a very nice relaxing Sunday and I am looking forward to a nice week.  Have you decided what shows you will watch and have you picked your winner of America’s Got Talent? I would love to hear about your choices.

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