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Feb '10

My Favorite Wednesday Matinee

Rogers and Hart were the highlights of the Frank Parsons Big Band show yesterday at the Richey Suncoast theatre.  All the band members were wearing their blazers and white shirts that make them look appealing and very impressive.  Fred Nunes once again belted out his tunes on his trumpet and he seems to better himself each performance.

Frank did a great job introducing each song with a little bio on the duo of Rogers and Hart.  It is a learning experience knowing something about the talents of composers and lyricists of music over 70 years old in some instances.  It is hard to imagine when I sing along in my seat or tap my foot to the rhythms that the melodies are sometimes older than my years.  And what is even more amazing is that today we are still enjoying hearing and sometimes dancing to these wonderful songs.

I think my only critique is Liz who sings songs out of her range and I am hoping Frank Parsons will have a guest singer join the band again.  I have never sang with a band but I think I might like to try someday.

It would be another mark off my  ” to do”  list.  All in all,  it was a wonderful afternoon and I am looking forward to next months show.  It will be St Patrick’s day and so the music will be jovial for sure.  There will be lots of corned beef and cabbage dinners  available in the area restaurants.

Thank you Frank Parsons for all your hard work and performers.  I love the saxophone the best but everyone is excellent.

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