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Mar '10

My Choices (Oscar) Won

Hey I did good, all my predictions were on the money and all I have left to do is view the winning movies.  The gowns and the hair styles reminded of past years when women wore feminine gowns and long hair styled straight or wavy to highlight their best features.  Sandra Bullock looked incredible as did Jeff Bridges with his good looks and class and I am so happy for the both of them winning the Oscar.  I was a bit surprised with George Clooney’s facial gestures and found it to be a bit childish.  Perhaps the camera kept zooming in on him periodically, and he found it annoying,  but I personally found it to be unprofessional.

My afternoon at the Richey Suncoast theatre watching their production of Evita was wonderful in every way.  I am very much looking forward to the last performance in May of Footloose.  Next Wednesday being St Patrick’s day,  the Frank Parsons Big Band will be playing at Richey Suncoast and so I will return to my favorite hangout for music and relaxation and good friends.  This was a great Sunday!

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