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Oct '07

Making the Grade

Today I completed an online course for beginning writers that had me completing lessons till the wee hours of the morning. I have a better handle on writing with feeling and hopefully creating interest for my readers. Doing this in the confines of my own office is neat, private and fun. At this age, I learned to be disclipined in finishing my assignments on time, keeping my fingers crossed as I took the quizzes at the end of each lesson. My marks were 100% most of the time which I am proud of. Stacked folders are on my desktop holding all my lessons, guidelines and critiques from fellow classmates and my Instructor Ann. This course has inspired me to continue writing every day. I might just be on the best seller list someday.

2 comments to “Making the Grade”

  1. Shaddy Says:

    That workshop is quite a ride alright. I like having specific assignments, otherwise I’m often stumped as to what I should be writing. I enjoyed this blog and am thrilled to see you enjoying your writing talent.

  2. Walk Says:

    Hello my friend, I glad to see you using your writing ability. I enjoyed our class time and I hope you’ll keep us up on your latest projects. Write on sister, Write on.