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Jan '10

Have You Done Your Ten?

I am taking ten minutes to write and ask have you taken 10 steps or sit-ups today?  What about yesterday?  I have found since doing Yoga classes, that my breathing has improved ten fold especially with this cold snap.  Previously, I would be gasping for breath once the cold air hit, but I find if I do my Yogi breath routine I can handle the cold.  One more plug for Yoga!

A friend mentioned that she has been taking 10 minutes of every hour to reflect and be thankful.  She has started her own gratitude journal and it seems to keep her happier reading her entries.  This sure sounds like a winning idea to me!

Just think on this for a moment and realize  if you think happy, you  will feel and look happier and the people around you will love the beaming and twinkle of your eyes.  Everyone enjoys being around happy people.  It is infectious!

Hope you will find ten minutes today!

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