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Jun '10

Growing, Not Shrinking (Inches)

Somewhere in my life’s journey thus far  I read and was told by many that as we age we tend to compress our spines and therefore become shorter in height.

I told this to my granddaughter eighteen years ago when she was only two,  and she looked at me with a quizzical eye,  as she wandered out of the room.  The next day she told her Mom that she could put a string around her Nana and pull me around just  like her pull toy.  This is the truth and Desiree does remember telling this to her Mom.

So,  I decided that maybe this didn’t have to happen but I didn’t know how to prevent it at that time.  I felt my height of 5’2″ was tiny enough and if I was going to lose a few inches I would be under 5′.  Now after almost five years of practicing all forms of Yoga including  Hatha- Power-Ashatanga and Vinyasa,  not only has my posture and balance improved along with a glowing complexion and better circulation in my extremities, but I can honestly say that I look and  feel like I have grown in inches.

When I do the mountain pose,   I can feel my arms lifiting up and out of my carriage higher and higher each time, and do I feel powerful?

You bet I do!  I feel like I can reach the sky.  Yoga practice is the most incredible awesome liberating thing you can do for your mind-body-balance.  It  is in my opinion, (like  WD-40 is for your joints and moving parts).   And the monetary cost is minimal.

Try Yoga and Grow!

2 comments to “Growing, Not Shrinking (Inches)”

  1. Gullible Says:

    Ah, another who knows what it’s like not to be able to see what’s on top of the fridge, not to be able to reach the highest cabinet, not to be able to see at parades. And always having to stand in the front for group photos.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    You know it is kind of neat when I do the cruise photos as I am not lost in the crowd, but there are times when a few more inches might be nice!