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Sep '08

Good Company

Finally had an overnight visitor that I have not seen in three months due to his work schedule, distance and the high price of gasoline.  I didn’t realize how much I missed him and his wonderful hugs until he came to the doorway.  Moms’  always love “hugs”  especially from their sons and he looked so good, too!   After a huge embrace, we went to a famous place called Sam’s on the Beach that is known for its wonderful seafood, juicy hamburgers and great subs with steak, onions and peppers.  I indulged in fried shrimp, cole slaw, hush puppies and crispy fries and a large raspberry iced tea while  Joe (pigged out)  on calamari, fisherman’s platter and iced tea.  It was by far  a beautiful evening with temperatures around 83 with a soft breeze and a three piece band with a great female singer in the background. 

This morning we went out to breakfast and this evening back out to dinner.  Too much food for me, but lots of good conversation and great company.  I hope Joe enjoyed it as much as I did.

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