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Jul '10

Full Class

My class on Sunday for Power Yoga starts at 11 and so I try to get there around 10:45 and there is always at least one if not two of my favorite spots available.   I particularly like the overhead fans to be positioned away from me, but today there were only a few spaces left and lucky for me the fan was in the right area.

To my surprise, there were quite a few students that were newbies to the  Yoga practice.  I learned this by the chatter around me,  before the class started.  Most thought  that  because they were athletic in other sports that a Power Yoga class would be a breeze to do.  But, the usual recommendations  are to take a gentle yoga class first off to learn the basic postures (as they are called in yoga)  and have your body become acclimated.   After three or four classes you can graduate to a beginner’s class combining more postures and some balance moves.

It is awesome to graduate to the Power Yoga class but it is a challenging hour!   You can be any age, but in my opinion  you do need to know the basics so that your joints are not compromised.

I am thinking that by Tuesday morning there will be quite a few wondering why their bodies are sore especially their arms and legs.  It  just  might scare a few into not returning to another class.  But then again I will be optimistic and hope I will see them in class when I return from my vacation up North.

Personally it is by far ” the most wonderful practice to learn,  as we nurture our minds and bodies and create balance throughout.”

Can you tell how much  “I love Yoga?”

As they say at the end of every class “Namaste”

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