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Jan '10

Confused (does’t take much these days)

The holiday has thrown me off completely and for a few minutes this morning I thought it was Sunday until I went to pick up my paper.  It was chilly only around 45 and that is cold for me and so I stayed bundled in my long robe while I fixed some breakfast and hot delicious coffee.

I did do my 10 minutes of stretching and 10 push-ups to keep my arms strong.

I thought I might do another 10 minutes later on today as I walk up to the corner dollar store and see how long it will take me and then perhaps I will take in an afternoon movie.  The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock has had great reviews and it is a true story (which I adore) so that is my plan for my Saturday.  Hope you do ten of something you enjoy and I will see you tomorrow….

2 comments to “Confused (does’t take much these days)”

  1. Walk Says:

    High of 28 today with more snow to come later in the week. I though I was living in Southern Oklahoma, guess I moved north sometime and don’t remember. I like you do 10 idea, now lets see, 10 cups of coffee, 10 donuts, 10 jokes to co-workers, 10 laps to the frige, yeah, I could get into this do 10 concept.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    Come on Walk………It is 2010 and you can get a little serious about 10 minutes of old fashioned push ups sit ups or a walk around the block. I know you can do it!