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Oct '08

Big Band is Back

One Wednesday a month until May I will be treated to the Frank Parsons Big Band concert.  It is held at the RIchey Suncoast Theatre in Fl.  This is my fourth year as a season ticket holder and I just love singing along with the older tunes of yest-er year, and amazed I still know the words.

Today’s program featured songs of the Fall and the lead trombonist Fred was awesome,  as always.  We also had a new sax player that filled me with endearment.   There is something “magical”  about the sound of a good saxophonist.  Next month will be highlights of  Autumn, college songs perhaps some coming holiday tunes.  I am looking forward to the George Gershwin program in a few months.  It is a wonderful way to spend an inexpensive afternoon hearing talent from our community.  Age wise, I would guess no one is under 55, but their spirit is that of a teenager.  Some of the musicians have played all their lives and some only as a hobby, collectively they are a joy to hear.

2 comments to “Big Band is Back”

  1. Walk Says:

    I have found that my taste in music is changing. I still like good rock, but now I find myself listening to Ella, Louie, and others of the blues, jazz and big band genders. I guess as in wine, our taste in music gets better with age.

  2. Barbara Says:

    I find your posts soothing and even comforting. With all the craziness out there today they bring me some normalcy.

    I am in the well over 50 age group and though sixties rock is still great I find myself listening to really old songs that are mellow and that are being redone by current artists. I also find as I get older that I have less tolerance for violence on TV or in the movies. I’m leaning more towards comedies and happy ending stories. Actually that started after 9/11 and I think getting older just enhanced my feelings.

    Looking forward to reading more posts.