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Nov '07

Back in Sunny Florida

Here I am after a wonderful Thanksgiving visit with my families in NY. Fortunately I didn’t shiver too much. The temperatures stayed above freezing. There was no snow in the forecast and although it is pretty to see, I am relieved as I didn’t bring boots with me. The plane ride on Southwest was on time and my eighteen year old grandson picked me up at the airport and bought me lunch at Applebee’s. The feeling was incredible as I gazed at how grown up he has become and a gentleman to boot. We drove to my son’s home and there waiting was my youngest granddaughter, home for the weekend from her first year at college. She whispered in my ear as she hugged me “Nana, I have lots to tell you.” I can hardly wait as I see the sparkle in her eyes and smile. In we go and there waiting at the top of the stairs is my six year old great-granddaughter Marissa waiting with her arms wide open. “Great Nana I love you” she shouted as her little brother A. J. chimed in, “me too!” This is beautiful and gosh how great it makes me feel. After catching up and having a cup of tea my son comes home from work and all of us decide Chinese takeout sounds good for dinner. Bedtime was early for me as it has been a long day.

Before I forget- my granddaughter confided she has a heart throb and he is a junior at her college – plays five instruments and lives in Maryland. He is almost 19 and she is in love. I can remember my first honey and the happy wonderful feeling that comes with it. You seem to be smiling at the world 24/7 and life is great. Those were the days!On Wednesday, I board the LI Railroad for a trip to Manhattan where my son Darrin will be meeting me to take me the rest of the way to his apartment in Brooklyn. Amongst the passengers of all ages we all seem to be lugging suitcases and shopping bags of goodies. Holiday pies and delicious cookies start the trend of sweets for the next four or so weeks. Diets are out the window as there is too much temptation with all these goodies staring at us everywhere it seems. Penn Station and here I am waiting to climb the stairs after the crowd dissipates and my son grabs my suitcases and we are off to the subways. It has been about 20 years since I have been on a subway but it has not changed much, still crowded with rush hour people as you try not to stare at each other. You learn to read the billboards and advertisements. Half an hour later, we are on the second subway for a couple of stops until Carroll Street. It is a beautiful sight of all brownstone buildings 3 floors high. The streets are lined with trees on either side all showing their fall colored leaves. People are walking their dogs, kids walking home from school. Some of the others are walking to shop, eat or just for fresh air. Brooklyn has many stores, ethnic restaurants, fresh fruit and vegetable stands. You name it- it is available. It is a great place to live and only a 30 minute ride approximately to Manhattan 50th Street. I walk up the two flights of steps to his apartment slowly and panting but finally I make it. The apartment is decorated with beautiful colors on the walls of each room that complement the furniture. Darrin painted and Staci decorated. The team effort paid off with a warm wonderful inviting place to sit and feel welcome. Best of all, there was Sam, an adorable, lovable all tan and white beagle – a lemon beagle, just like Underdog. He is a good dog that listens to commands, does not bark and has a wonderful disposition. Everyone that meets Sam falls in love with him.

We have decided we will rest and then walk to the stores to pick up the rest of the needed items for tomorrow’s feast. I can hardly wait.

Thanksgiving Day

Everyone is up early as the host and hostess prepare their pies, turkey and veggies. Some of the guests are bringing their specialties to share. It seems like yesterday when I did all the preparing for 15-20 people. I enjoyed watching my son and Staci accomplish this feat. They did it well and made me very proud.

The company arrived and the table is filled with wonderful stuffing, cranberries, quiches, mashed sweet potatoes, stuffed mushrooms. The masterpiece Turkey is almost too pretty to carve. Thanksgiving 2007 will be etched in my memory for years to come. Good food, good company and love. Who could ask for more? I am thankful.

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