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Aug '07

A Mind Vacation

Today for an hour and a half I had the remarkable experience of going on a mini-vacation for the mind…………..

It was called a stress reduction class that required props like pillows and blanket and some beach towels that could be rolled up. How hard could this be especially that I was retired? How much stress could I possibly have?

We started off sitting in a cobblers pose (a yoga term) and started to breathe in thru the nose and out thru the nose to free our minds of schedules, things to do, later, tomorrow, next week. Then we increased the breath to one inhale thru the nose and two breaths on the exhale and after a few of those increase the inhale to two and the exhale to four breaths. By now your mind is almost empty and if you find it getting muddled you can go back to your inhale, exhale through the nose. We then reclined on our pillows in a “spread eagle” so-to-speak pose and wore our eye pillows to block out the light as we sank into a peaceful world with beautiful music in the background. I could feel all the tension leave my body almost like a masseuse massaging my muscles.

The instructor then read a little mantra that we can all use to relax and meditate. It is promising yourself to do better a little more each day, help someone in need, smile at that stranger and cut back on wasted thoughts worrying. Give yourself 10-15 minutes a day of nothingness.

For the next hour or so we continued different positions adjusting our props and I was started to feel like a new person mentally and physically. I was re-energized and a sense of peacefulness had come over me. My mind had been on a mini vacation and I truly recommend it.

Find this at your local fitness facility.  If they don’t offer it tell them how incredible it is for all. Who doesn’t need a vacation from their mind?

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